Doak Praises Adelson for Exposing Holland’s Hypocrisy

John Doak joins Sen. Adelson in call for Insurance Commissioner to explain her actions

TULSA, OKLA. – (July 23, 2010) John Doak, Republican candidate for Insurance Commissioner, today joined state Sen. Tom Adelson, D-Tulsa, in his request for Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland to reveal her communications relevant to the legal challenge she issued Tuesday to block House Bill 2437, a 1 percent tax on health care claims.

“I praise Sen. Adelson for his request for accurate facts regarding this issue and intend to make an open records request for such information on Monday,” Doak said.

On Wednesday, state Sen. Adelson issued a press release expressing his disappointment in Holland’s Election-year flip-flop. Adelson was quoted: “I would like to believe Commissioner Holland’s legal action and attending press release are sincere and not election year strategizing from one who is exposed politically on the fundamental policy she supports – a 4 percent assessment on insurance claims (and some would argue a like increase on insurance premiums) to pay for health coverage for low income Oklahomans.  I am asking that Commissioner Holland disclose her communication with the State Chamber of Commerce and the insurance companies she regulates pertaining to all matters relating to her legal challenge.”

“It is clear from Senator Adelson’s press release that Holland supported this bill and originally advocated for a 4 percent increase on all new health insurance claims. The people of Oklahoma and insurance industry leaders are entitled to know how the Insurance Commissioner strong armed the State Chamber of Commerce by filing a disingenuous lawsuit with tongue in cheek, to use the Oklahoma Supreme Court in a cynical effort to repeal a tax that she herself wanted a few short months before.”

Doak has led the charge to protect Oklahomans from the irresponsible 1 percent increase on health care claims. In May, he challenged Commissioner Holland to stand up for the people of Oklahoma and ask the Governor not to sign the bill into law. Doak has received hundreds of signatures on the petition he started to repeal the bill. Sign the petition at

Holland’s lawsuit is clearly political grandstanding to enhance her fundraising efforts by using the Oklahoma Supreme Court for political purposes,” Doak said. “Holland would never have filed a lawsuit to block the legislation if her re-election were not in serious jeopardy as a result of her role as a 2008 Oklahoma delegate for Barack Obama. Oklahomans are too smart for this type of hypocrisy.”