Insurance Commissioner Finally Stands Up For Oklahomans

Leadership or political grandstanding, how far will she go?

Tulsa, OK – On May 25th, 2010 John Doak, Republican candidate for Insurance Commissioner called on the incumbent Democrat Kim Holland to oppose a new tax on insurance claims.  HB 2437 installs a 1 percent tax on all health insurance claims paid in Oklahoma.
At that time Doak was quoted, “I am disappointed; the current insurance commissioner has not spoken out against this tax and the damage it will do to Oklahoma families and businesses. I implore Commissioner Holland to join me in urging Governor Henry to reject this bill for the sake of Oklahoma insurance customers and our health care providers.”
The Insurance Commissioner’s office has a legislative liaison, whose job is to make the Insurance Commissioner aware of any legislation that affects the department, the industry it regulates or policy holders (corporate and individual).  
“Where was Holland when this legislation was still in committee?  Where was Holland when the bill was passed in the House and sent to the Senate? And where was Holland before the Governor signed the Bill into law?  She was silent throughout the entire process,” said Doak.
On July 10th, 2010 the Doak campaign started a petition to repeal House Bill 2437.  Since starting this grassroots campaign, hundreds of concerned Oklahomans have signed the petition.  Kim Holland seems to have gotten the message. 
On July 20, 2010 Holland filed a petition with the Oklahoma Supreme Court to block the collection of a new tax on health plans mandated by the legislature.
“On one hand, I am very pleased for the taxpayers of Oklahoma that Holland has taken up my cause.  On the other hand, I’m worried that it’s just politics as usual.  She could have intervened at several steps in the process of the passage and eventual signing of this bill into law but she didn’t.  It’s only now as the campaign heats up and as her fundraising needs a boost that she decides to intervene.  I am running because I believe I could have stopped this and other bad ideas that effect insurance consumers before it ever reaches the Governor’s desk,” Doak explained.
“I’ve also called on Holland to join our lawsuit against Obama Care.  Now, I have to wonder is that next?  Does she want to be reelected so bad that she’ll go against the man she supported for President? As an Obama delegate, I doubt it,” Doak concluded.
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