Republican candidate for insurance commissioner John Doak opposes bill increasing fees

TULSA, OKLA. (June 18, 2010) – John Doak, Republican candidate for Insurance Commissioner of Oklahoma, has voiced his disapproval of the bill that will more than double the cost to obtain driving records, or motor vehicle records, in Oklahoma.

“This bill is bad for Oklahomans and bad for Oklahoma insurers, who use MVRs to underwrite automobile policies,” Doak said. “Increasing the cost of driving records will make it even harder for insurance companies to offer competitive rates and will force them to raise Oklahomans’ premiums. It is a tax on business that will be paid by consumers.”

Senate Bill 1556, signed into law by Gov. Brad Henry this past week as part of the state budget agreement, will increase the fee for obtaining driving records from $10 to $25 – the highest in the nation.

“Of the $15 increase, $10 will go into the state’s general revenue fund, effectively making it a tax increase on the citizens of Oklahoma,” Doak said. “As a fiscal and social conservative, I am appalled that the Oklahoma Legislature has passed tax increases while pretending that they are rate increases.”

In addition to opposing the bill itself, Doak also questions whether its passage was constitutional.

“The state Constitution prohibits the passage of revenue bills in the last five days of the legislative session,” he said. “Passed in the Senate the final week of session, I believe the bill violates our Constitution.”

Doak seeks to carry the Republican Party’s banner for Insurance Commissioner of Oklahoma against incumbent Democrat Kim Holland, who was an official delegate for President Barack Obama, in the general election in November.

“As insurance commissioner, I will work to block irresponsible ‘rate’ increases and combat the tax-and-spend ways of the current leadership,” Doak said.

The headquarters of Doak for Insurance Commissioner is located at 5840 S. Memorial, Suite 333, in Tulsa. Call (918) 935-2010 or visit for more information.

Doak lives in Tulsa with his wife, Debby, and their two children, Zack and Kasey. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and is a former board member the Tulsa Ronald McDonald House, the Tulsa Opera and the Dillon International Adoption Agency.

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