Doak Joins Federal Lawsuit to Overturn ObamaCare, Challenges Holland to Do the Same

Contact: Karl Ahlgren
Doak Joins Federal Lawsuit to Overturn ObamaCare, Challenges Holland to Do the Same
TULSA (April 15, 2010) – John Doak, a Republican candidate for state insurance commissioner, announced today he is joining a federal lawsuit that was filed last week to block the implementation of President Obama's health-care law. The lawsuit was filed in Oklahoma's Western District and challenges several aspects of the new health-care law. "I challenge Kim Holland to join me as a plaintiff in this lawsuit," Doak said. "Up to now, she has been virtually silent on this issue.  But Oklahomans deserve to know where she stands. Is she in favor of President Obama's health-care plan, or will she join me in this effort to stop ObamaCare from becoming the law of the land?" A recent poll shows widespread disapproval for the recently passed health-care law.  The poll found that 65.4 percent of likely voters disapprove of the new law and 80.4 percent do not believe Americans should be penalized for not purchasing insurance mandated by the legislation. "This is not a Republican issue or a Democrat issue, this is an Oklahoma issue," Doak said. "This poll shows that many conservative and moderate Democrats also reject ObamaCare. The people do not want this law and they expect their leaders to stand up for them." Doak said the office of insurance commissioner should be used to help protect Oklahoma citizens from paying higher health-care costs and taxes. He noted that President Obama's health-care law violates both of those items. "Independent sources estimate premiums will rise under the president's new law, and no one argues that the law raises taxes significantly," Doak said. "It is outrageous that our current commissioner sat by and did nothing as this law was passed, and is now doing nothing to stop it from being implemented.
"Commissioner Holland, this is your chance to show Oklahomans you oppose President Obama's health-care law. Actions speak louder than words. Join this lawsuit so Oklahomans can see you are willing to stand with them, not with President Obama." Doak lives in Tulsa with his wife, Debby, and their two children, Zack and Kasey. Doak has spent most of his adult life providing insurance options to Oklahomans. After graduation from the University of Oklahoma, John began his career as an insurance agent for State Farm in 1989 and rose to be an executive level leader in multiple insurance firms.