Recent Poll Favors Doak for Insurance Commissioner Over Incumbent Holland

TULSA (March 25, 2010) — A recent poll shows that if the election for insurance commissioner were held today, Republican candidate John Doak likely would win. "The time of career politicians is passing," Doak said.  "Oklahomans of both parties reject the federal takeover of the health-care industry.  Recent polls show that the disconnect between elected officials and the public is at its worst in Washington, D.C., but it's also reflected here in Oklahoma.  It's not about Democrat or Republican, Oklahomans just want their common-sense values reflected in their elected leaders, but that's not what they're getting right now." Doak is referring to a poll commissioned by Sooner Poll and released on March 11.  That poll had a generic Republican candidate for insurance commissioner beating a generic Democrat candidate, 32.7 percent to 30.5 percent with 36.8 percent undecided. "Our young campaign nearly beat Insurance Commissioner (Kim) Holland in a head-to-head matchup too," Doak said. Holland garnered 33.5 percent of the voters polled while Doak captured 28.5 percent and 38 percent were undecided. "Considering that I haven't been a statewide elected official but rather a businessman in Tulsa, and I just launched my campaign, I'm very encouraged by these early numbers," Doak said. Sooner Poll also noted Doak's early strength, stating that he "remained competitive in traditionally Democratic parts of the state and had a three-to-one advantage among likely voters who identified themselves as ‘very conservative.'  Conservative voters make up 49 percent of the Oklahoma electorate." "I believe Oklahomans are rejecting the federal takeover of the health insurance industry and won't support local politicians who go along with it," Doak said.  "I'm speaking out against these disastrous programs and if elected, I will return Oklahoma values to the office of insurance commissioner. I will do everything in my power to defeat the government takeover of health insurance."