OID's Anti-Fraud Unit

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak issued the following statement about the Oklahoma Insurance Department's Anti-Fraud Unit.

"I am proud of what our Anti-Fraud Unit is doing," Doak said, "which does not come at taxpayer expense. They are some of the most experienced ciminal investigators in the state."

The Unit includes former OSBI agents, Tulsa homicide detectives, and other long-time law enforcement veterans. They investigate crimes such as embezzlement, exploitation of the elderly and fraud. Investigators also respond to natural disaster scenes, including finding unscrupulous contractors to ensure vulnerable consumers aren't victimized for a second time.

The Anti-Fraud Unit is funded by fines, penalties and multi-state settlements - not taxpayer dollars.

"Protecting Oklahomans is my top priority," Doak said.

Facts about the Oklahoma Insurance Department

In the last two years, the OID has returned $10 million to the state that the OID was legally authorized to spend.

In FY 2011, the OID deposited $121,055,455 into the General Revenue Fund, $59,884,843 into the Firefighter's Pension Fund and $24,648,957 into the Police Pension Fund.

Several current and former lawmakers have publicly voiced support for the Anti-Fraud Unit.