Doak Seeks Injunction to Repeal Fee Increase

Oct. 4, 2010 TULSA, OKLA. – In the closing moments of the 2010 legislative session, the fee Oklahomans pay for a copy of a motor vehicle report was more than doubled.

The last-minute increase made Oklahoma’s fee for such records the highest in the nation.

“This fee increase hurts both businesses and individuals,” said John Doak, the Republican Nominee for Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner. “The regional average for a copy of a driving record is slightly more than $7 – charging $25 is ridiculous.”

On Friday, Doak filed a lawsuit against the State of Oklahoma and the Department of Public Safety in the District Court of Oklahoma County to stop the fee increase.

“There are countless hard-working commercial drivers as well as insurance companies and agents who require copies of these records for reasons from employment to insurance underwriting,” Doak said. “The additional costs will be passed on directly to the consumer.”

According to the Oklahoma Constitution, this type of revenue increase may not be passed in the final five days of the legislative session. The bill passed on the last day of the 2010 session.

“It is unfortunate that the current insurance commissioner, Kim Holland, does not understand the ramifications this fee increase will have on the insurance industry and consumers,” Doak said. “That is why I have filed this lawsuit. Through my experience as an insurance professional and businessman, I fully recognize the implications of such an increase.

“The fact that I filed a lawsuit to block a piece of legislation passed by a Republican legislature is proof of my independence from partisanship.”