Oklahomans to Vote on State Question 756 to Opt Out of Obama Care

Sept. 9, 2010

Newberry, Doak encourage voters to vote yes

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Senator Dan Newberry and John Doak, the Republican Nominee for Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner, today announced their joint efforts to support State Question 756 and educate voters about it, stressing its importance to the state.

“I appreciate John Doak's support of State Question 756 and his commitment to educate voters about it to the benefit of our state,” Senator Newberry said. “For that reason, I commend John Doak for his efforts in this endeavor and for being the only candidate in this important race to openly support this critical piece of legislation. We have to work together to fight federally mandated health care.”

“Voters need to be aware that State Question 756 is about opting out of Obama Care, though that is not specified in the question’s language,” Doak said. “Oklahomans do not want mandated health insurance, and this is their opportunity to vote against it. Vote ‘yes’ on State Question 756 to opt Oklahoma out of Obama Care.”

The state question will appear on the statewide ballot in November. It is aimed at a key component of Obama Care, the individual mandate that requires all citizens to purchase health insurance or face financial penalties. State Question 756 would amend the Oklahoma Constitution to prohibit any penalty against Oklahoma citizens for refusing to purchase a federally mandated health care policy. Furthermore, it would permit Oklahoma physicians to continue accepting direct payments for services.

Voters in Missouri overwhelmingly passed a similar measure last month. Joining Oklahoma in considering such initiatives this fall will be Arizona and Florida.

State Question 756 arose from Senate Joint Resolution 59, which was co-authored by Senator Newberry.

In addition to State Question 756, state legislators also voted to authorize legislative leaders to challenge Obama Care in court, after Attorney General Drew Edmondson – a Democrat – opted not to challenge the federal law.

Visit VoteforDoak.com to sign up to support State Question 756.