The Oklahoman: John Doak deserves nod in GOP Insurance Commission runoff

Published Aug. 13, 2010 Republican John Doak is already running hard against incumbent state Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland, a Democrat, but Doak must first overtake the lead held in the primary by former Commissioner John Crawford. Doak is clearly the better man for the GOP nomination, to be determined in the Aug. 24 Republican runoff.

Doak has 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, serving in roles ranging from agent to executive. The Tulsan has also served in civic volunteer positions and as a member of the Governor's Round Table for Business Development.

He understands the insurance industry and what the Oklahoma Insurance Department does. He has found fault with Holland's administration, but that's part of his role as a candidate; voters will sort out the differences between the nominees before the general election.

Holland has restored integrity to an agency riddled with scandal and impropriety. Her predecessor was sent to prison. His predecessor was Crawford, subject of an FBI investigation regarding a software contract. Voters rejected his re-election bid. Twelve years later, Crawford has not make a good case for getting a second term now.

Doak has the integrity, experience and ethics to represent Republicans in November. Crawford has only the experience — and that was insufficient to win him a second term.

Holland will be a formidable opponent. Republicans would be wise to choose Doak to oppose her. Having two good candidates in the race is optimal: The people would be in good hands, regardless of who wins.