John Doak Wins Election for Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner

I believe Oklahoma needs real conservatives at all levels of government if our state is going to come through the difficult times we face. Where I stand:
  • Passionately pro-life
  • Value the principles of lower costs through open markets and fair competition
  • Opposed to federally mandated insurance
  • Only candidate in the race for insurance commissioner who has joined a federal lawsuit against ObamaCare
  • Believe health care reform should take place on the state level and that the States have the power to set their own policies and reject misguided federal mandates
  • Will work closely with Oklahoma lawmakers and insurance providers to identify and implement health care solutions at the state level
  • Instead of mandated coverage, I will increase options for private consumers
  • Advocate for buying insurance across state lines and for association health plans
  • Pro business
  • Member of the National Rifle Association
  • Led the way against House Bill 2437, the 1% tax on health insurance claims paid in Oklahoma
  • Opposed Senate Bill 1556, which increased the fee for obtaining driving records from $10 to $25 – the highest in the nation