"My title within the Republican Party is just that; I'm endorsing John Doak as an individual and a concerned Republican. I believe John Doak is the best candidate to win in November, but I also know he is a true conservative and will be a pro-life, pro-business Insurance Commissioner. In the light of Obama Care, we need a man like John Doak in that office. "I strongly believe John Doak is the most educated, experienced and prepared candidate running for State Insurance Commissioner," Case said. "I also believe John Doak will not only dispatch his GOP runoff opponent but defeat Kim Holland in November. We need more quality people like John to get involved in public policy and public service."
"I urge my fellow Oklahomans to support John Doak for Insurance Commissioner. I believe John Doak can best fulfill the responsibilities of Insurance Commissioner with professionalism and integrity, which are vitally important as Commissioner. I hope voters will join me in supporting John Doak to be our next Insurance Commissioner."
"Since 1932, the Oklahoma Trucking Association has served the needs of Oklahoma's trucking industry. As an association of concerned carriers and allied member companies, we strive to ensure that our voice is heard in the government. Oklahoma's trucking industry requires an individual who not only cares about the needs of the industry, but is knowledgeable of the industry as well. The Oklahoma Trucking Association believes that John Doak's twenty years of experience with Oklahoma insurance companies, his affiliation with our association and strong leadership skills are qualities that will enable him to be a successful Insurance Commissioner who will stand for our needs. The Oklahoma Trucking Association supports John Doak in his 2010 election for Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner."