Dear Amanda Riddle, 12/03/2013

Our office would like to acknowledge the efforts John Doak makes to fulfill his role as the Insurance Commissioner for Oklahoma.  We appreciate you and Commissioner Doak, for taking the time to stop by our office on different occasions.

When our town had the Fire Truck Parade that made the Guinness Book of World Records, Mr. Doak stopped by our office that day to visit with us.  He has attended many of our community's events, such as the Parade, the Southeast Regional Fire School, and the Atoka County Tour.  He also participated in a luncheon with Representative Charles McCall, where they spoke to the community.

Mr. Doak is always interested in the consumers and their opinions.  When an Insured of ours had some concerns regarding a claim, Mr. Doak arranged to meet him at a local coffee shop.  Our office appreciates the effort he made to help our customer.

In my 32 years in the Insurance business, we have never had so much consideration from the Commissioner's Office.  We truly appreciate Mr. Doak's service to our state, to our industry, and especially to our office.


Steve Mansell SM/jl

"Commissioner Doak and the Insurance Department staff provided incredible assistance to people in my area (Shawnee, Bethel Acres) after the 2013 tornadoes.  But their help hasn’t been limited to just times of disaster.  Whenever one of my constituents has had an insurance issue, Commissioner Doak and his team have always been available and worked hard to help."
Mike Ritz

"When I met John Doak on the campaign trail four years ago I felt like he had an excellent understanding of the insurance industry and solid, common sense conservative values. During his first term in office, Commissioner Doak proved both of these beliefs correct. As one of the few medical doctors in office, I especially appreciate the work Commissioner Doak has done opposing Obamacare. I am proud to endorse him for a second term."

"John Doak is a hard worker.  He’s not there just to fill a seat.  He’s there to do a job – working for the people of our state everyday."

"I have been involved in the insurance industry for forty years.  John Doak is the best Insurance Commissioner I have ever seen"

"When tornadoes swept thru my area (El Reno, Chickasha and neighboring communities) in 2012 and 2013, Commissioner Doak and Insurance Department officials were on the scene immediately.  I appreciate their hard work and all the support they gave us.  When my people needed him most, John Doak was there."

"Unfortunately, the race for Insurance Commissioner has turned negative with misleading accusations made against Doak by his opponent. "It is disappointing to see the Holland campaign has resumed running deceptive television ads against Doak, attempting to portray him as someone who has used shady business practices to skip out on paying past business taxes, when that is not the truth. "The fact is that John Doak earlier this year did not pay on time a minimal $25 annual filing fee associated with his business, but he did pay the fee within ten days after it was due and restored the matter in question. "My father taught me that a half truth is a whole lie, and it is unfortunate that the Holland campaign has resorted to this desperate tactic in an attempt to deceive Oklahoma voters. "John Doak is a well-respected businessman with solid credentials," Coburn said. "He opposes ObamaCare and has the leadership skills, experience and conservative values needed to lead the Oklahoma Insurance Department with integrity."
"John Doak is a competent businessman of the utmost integrity, and I proudly endorse him for Insurance Commissioner. He will unapologetically oppose the imposition of ObamaCare on the families and businesses of Oklahoma. It is critical that Oklahoma elect state leaders this fall who will stand up against these types of detrimental policies...Our state doesn't need Obama-style leadership like we have in the current Democratic incumbent Insurance Commissioner. We need the strong, conservative, pro-business leadership of Republican John Doak."