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Commissioner Doak: Obama Rearranges Chairs on the Titanic of Healthcare
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07 March 2014 by Scott Chance, in Press Release

Commissioner Doak: Obama Rearranges Chairs on the Titanic of Healthcare

Commissioner Doak Criticizes Shifting Obamacare Requirements
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12 February 2014 by Scott Chance, in Press Release

Commissioner Doak Criticizes Shifting Obamacare Requirements

Commissioner Doak Completes Third Annual 77-County Tour
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09 November 2013 by Jim Lester, in Press Release

Commissioner Doak Completes Third Annual 77-County Tour



On what is perhaps the defining political issue of our time, Commissioner Doak has emerged as a national leader in the fight against the government takeover of healthcare provision and insurance known as Obamacare.

He has been a strong voice against the federal government's intrusion in this critical area of our economy. Doak has spoken passionately against the tax increases, federal mandates and abuse of religious freedoms found in the president's health-care proposals. He has strongly opposed the "crowding-out" of private sector jobs that will occur thanks to aspects of the President's plan, like the creation of so-called "healthcare navigators."

Commissioner Doak believes that nationalizing our health care system will...

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Fiscal Prudence

Commissioner Doak hasn't just talked about conservative values on the campaign trail; he's implemented them in government. As the head of a multimillion-dollar state agency (the Oklahoma Insurance Department), Doak has demonstrated the type of prudent budgeting and fiscal policies...

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Helping Oklahoma Consumers

Throughout his first term, the Department has implemented appropriate regulation and financial reviews, monitored the economic stability of insurance companies and ensured that customers receive the insurance products and services they were promised.


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Disaster Response

There's no greater example of Commissioner Doak's commitment to serving the people of Oklahoma than the Insurance Department's strong response to recent tornados across the state. The Department's disaster response teams were on the ground for weeks, educating citizens and...

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Protecting seniors/Cracking down on fraud

Fraud is an ever-present danger in the insurance industry. Upon his election, Commissioner Doak refocused the Insurance Department's Anti-Fraud Unit to investigate and actively pursue fraudulent activity, especially white-collar crime and crimes committed...

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Legislative Highlights

  • Senate Bill 1621(2012) which allows small employers to purchase group insurance through an employer association, which helps small businesses save money,
  • Senate Bill 1439 (2012) which enacts tougher penalties for insurance fraud,
  • House Bill 231(2012) which raises the...

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Vists Across the State

Commissioner Doak's commitment to be directly responsive to the people of Oklahoma has been further demonstrated by his extensive travels across the state. True to his campaign pledge, Commissioner Doak has visited all of Oklahoma's 77 counties every year he has been in...

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